Whiteness Project: Inside the White Caucasian Box

Whiteness Project: Inside the White Caucasian Box

Mon, 10/27/2014 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Ask Whitney Dow, the producer of this interactive documentary on racial discussion, about his project in a Reddit AMA.

We take for granted that there is a "white" race in America, but rarely is the concept of whiteness itself investigated. What does it mean to be white? Can it be genetically defined? Is it a cultural construct? A state of mind? What privileges are exclusive to Caucasians? This last question is the subject of Whiteness Project: Inside the White Caucasian Box, an interactive look at how white people process their perceived advantages or disadvantages. The project is created from interviews shot in Buffalo, N.Y. that represent a cross‐section of the city's white population. An interactive graphic component uses demographic information to reveal how participants' perceptions line up with the realities of their community. #whitenessproject @povdocs

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View the breakthrough project that's been called "complex and original" (Vice), "provocative" (Mic) and "hard to dismiss" (The Guardian) at whitenessproject.org, join the conversation using the hashtag #WhitenessProject, and watch Whitney Dow talk about it on "CBS This Morning" this Wednesday, October 22.

Ask Whitney Dow, Whiteness Project Creator Anything!
Whitney Dow, director and producer of Whiteness Project: Inside the White/Caucasian Box, is taking questions on Monday, October 27, at 2 PM ET (11 AM PT) in a Reddit AMA.

Whitney Dow is an award-winning filmmaker who has spent the last 18 years producing and directing documentaries about race, including Two Towns of Jasper, a landmark 2003 POV documentary that examined race in the aftermath of a shocking murder in Jasper, Texas, which he co-directed with Marco Williams.