Looking for Rochester City 12 on Cable?

Looking for Rochester City 12 on Cable?

Time Warner has moved it to cable's digital format tier.

This means that if you have basic cable, you will need an adapter to see City 12.

The adapter is free of charge. You must call Time Warner and request one before September 23. Call 1-855-286-1736 or go visit Time Warner Cable online, by clicking here and request your free adapter. Time Warner will also help you set it up. If you have a digital TV City 12 is on channel 98.4.

If you already subscribe to digital cable (or have a Digital Adapter or CableCARD) nothing will change. City 12 will remain in your existing package and there is no need for any new equipment. So, City 12 with either a Digital Adapter OR digital cable is still on channel 12.

WXXI — who programs City 12 in partnership with the City of Rochester — regrets any inconvenience this may have caused, though this reassignment of City 12 was a Time Warner Cable decision. 

WXXI-TV, both on cable 11 and 1011, is in no way affected by this move or by any of the Public, Educational, and Government access programming that Time Warner is reassigning.