Resources for Finding Your Roots in Rochester

Resources for Finding Your Roots in Rochester

Sun, 03/25/2012 (All day) - Sun, 05/20/2012 (All day)

Volunteer, Roscoe Hastings from the Rochester Genealogical Society assists Marlene Capes-Bettin in using genealogical resources of the Central Library. (Rochester, NY)

In collaboration with the PBS 10-part series, Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gate Jr., WXXI has partnered with The Monroe County Library System (MCLS) and the Rochester Genealogical Society (RGS) to create a short video piece that spotlights the genealogical resources available, while sharing Rochester native Marlene Capes-Bettin's journey to find her husband's family roots. The video will air on WXXI-TV/HD, throughout the series ten-week broadcast schedule (3/25-5/20/12). To learn more about local genealogical resources connect to:

WXXI Finding Your Roots Local Partners:

In the video piece Capes-Bettin shares stories about her 13-year genealogical journey. For her search, she primarily used the resources available through the Local History & Genealogy Division of the Central Library in the Rundel Memorial Building, and the assistance of volunteers from the Rochester Genealogical Society.  She explains why and how she got started and shares some of the interesting and surprising information she has found about family ancestors. Also included is an interview with Christine L. Ridarsky, City Historian and Historical Services Consultant, who talks about the resources available at the library and offers advice on how to begin a genealogical search.

Corporate funding for FINDING YOUR ROOTS with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is provided by The Coca-Cola Company, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's, and American Express.