BULLY Education Screenings, Interviews, Resources & Discussion Guides

BULLY Education Screenings, Interviews, Resources & Discussion Guides

May 7-24, 2012 6:30pm & 9:40pm

BULLY is a film which shows how young people have been affected by Bullying. We'd like to get YOUR school involved  in this important issue!  BULLY is currently playing at The Little Theatre.

The Little is open to schedule additional Educational Events surrounding BULLY, such as: 

  • Educators attend and apply for professional development at your district
  • Scheduling a group screening for students or educators
  • Schedule a school field trip screening
  • Schedule a PTSA or parent screening

Contact Bri Merkel  at 258.0404 or  bri@thelittle.org for more information. 

The Little Theatre and WXXI presented a FREE Teacher/Educator Only screening of BULLY on Tuesday April 24th at 4pm. Thank you to the 256+ teachers that attended. 

 Thank you also to the 12 school districts who brought 1000 students to see the movie and talk about this important issue!


Educational Resources for Pre/Post Screening


1.   BULLY Viewing Guide:   Fostering Empathy and Action in Schools from Facing History (Download PDF)

2.       Educator’s Toolkit:

3.      Student Toolkit:

4.       Parents Toolkit:



 5.       Special Needs Education Toolkit:


- From the Bully Project Movie Resource Website: 



NPR Reports and Reviews Bully (The Movie) 

NPR Bullying Issues Reports

Alyssa Rodemeyer, 16, talks about her younger brother Jamey at an anti-bullying rally in San Francisco. Jamey committed suicide in September 2011 after being bullied. More schools are looking for ways to combat bullying among students. A growing number of anti-bullying programs have emerged in recent years, and the focus of many has shifted from stopping bullies to encouraging bystanders to act. But in an industry where anyone can peddle virtually any kind of program, initiatives vary in their quality and effectiveness. (NPR Morning Edition: 3/30/2012)