APHC Hawaiian New Year's Eve with Garrison Keillor

APHC Hawaiian New Year's Eve with Garrison Keillor

Sat, 12/31/2011 - 10:00pm

Pictured: Garrison Keillor

Garrison Keillor and our Prairie Home Companion favorites welcome 2012 in true Lake Wobegon style - with an aloha twist!

Garrison Keillor hosts this three-hour special from Hawaii, with A Prairie Home Companion actors - Sue Scott, Tim Russell, Fred Newman - and Erica Rhodes; Rich Dworsky and the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band; Heather Masse. APHC Hawaiian New Year's Eve with Garrison Keillor airs Saturday, December 31 at 10 p.m. on Classical 91.5/FM-HD 91.5-1. Special guest performers include slack key guitar and ukulele master, Led Kaapana. The broadcast will include - Guy Noir, Lives of the Cowboys and The News from Lake Wobegon.

"New Year's Eve is supposed to be lighthearted, optimistic, even joyful, and for our listeners across America and overseas, Hawaii represents those things, explain Keillor. "Yes, I suppose it is a cliché, but it's a happy cliché, and it means that when we Statesiders get off a plane in Honolulu in that marvelous open-air airport and smell the sea breeze and the flowers, we feel an instant buoyancy. New Year's Eve tends to be a disappointing night, too much alcohol in crowded rooms with loud people. I can imagine someone sitting on a farm in Minnesota on December 31st and hearing soft-voiced Hawaiian singers and slack-key guitars and smelling the flowers and imagining beautiful people and deciding that 2012 may be a happy year after all."