Maria Tallchief

Maria Tallchief

Fri, 10/14/2011 - 7:00pm

Her own voice and archival clips tell the story of how Maria Tallchief became America's first major ballerina.

An untold story on the life and artistry of Maria Tallchief, who rose from an Indian community in Oklahoma to become America's first major ballerina while her marriage and partnership with Balanchine ignited the founding of the New York City Ballet. Her own voice and rare archival clips from the 1950s, both in the U.S. and Canada, will guide the story of Wa-Xthen-Thonba, whose Indian name means Woman of Two Worlds. Maria Tallchief airs Friday, October 14 at 7 p.m. on WXXI World (cable 524/DT21.2).

In honor of Native American History Month, WXXI-TV and Radio will broadcast a variety of programs featuring the men and women who shaped the Native American experience.


is there a way to see this

is there a way to see this video online?

Maria Tallchief Documentary

I wasn't able to find a way to view the entire documentary online, however, there is a preview and additional information on the Native American Public Telecommunications website (http://www.nativetel...) as well as the Upstream Productions website (http://upstreamvideo...). There you will also find information on the DVD.

I hope this helps!