Sustainable Design for the Future

Sustainable Design for the Future

Sun, 08/14/2011 - 10:00pm

What is the next step in sustainable design?

WXXI presents Sustainable Design for the Future on Sunday, August 14 at 10 p.m. on AM 1370/FM-HD 91.5-2. The program explores buildings in cities and towns, where sustainable ideas are part of the architecture of everyday life and large projects, encompassing the whole community, major green technologies, and small, inexpensive products to enhance individual lives in the Third World.

Sustainable Design for the Future, a co-production of IEEE Spectrum Magazine and the Directorate for Engineering of the National Science Foundation, is part of WXXI's programming initiative in support of Rochester's first Greentopia Festival, which will be held September 17 and 18, 2011 in High Falls. Greentopia is a two-day interactive fest that celebrates the green movement that is sweeping the globe, and will showcase what the region is doing – and envision a greener region of the future. For list of all "green" programs, visit: