The Moth Radio Hour Special

The Moth Radio Hour Special

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 9:00pm

Pictured: Host Jay Allison

Credit: The Moth Radio Hour

Tune in for this live edition of The Moth's collaboration with The World Science Festival. An astrophysicist discovers wild parallels in her research and romantic life; a surgeon details his involvement in one of the world's first-ever hand transplants; and a geneticist is called to testify in a murder case and lays the groundwork for DNA fingerprinting as forensic evidence. Jay Allison hosts The Moth Radio Hour Special, airing Sunday, May 27 at 9 p.m. on AM 1370/FM-HD 91.5-2.

Guests include: Janna Levin, an astrophysicist whose personal life seems to parallel the scientific law "opposites attract"; Kodi Azari, a hand surgeon who describes his leadership role in one of the first-ever hand transplants in the US; and Eric S. Lander, a geneticist who is asked to testify in a murder case about DNA evidence.