If you value public broadcasting, tell Congress it's too important to cut.

If you value public broadcasting, tell Congress it's too important to cut.

Act now to preserve public broadcasting.

The US House of Representatives will soon be voting on a Continuing Budget Resolution that eliminates all funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Members of Congress need to hear how their constituents feel about such an action.

Below is  a message from WXXI President Norm Silverstein:

Norm Silverstein

Congress will soon be taking a critical vote to reduce or even eliminate all federal support for local public television and radio stations.

While membership is still our largest source of revenue, federal funding does provide an important share of WXXI’s funding.  It helps us leverage private support that allows WXXI to deliver thoughtful commercial-free programming that serves the entire Rochester region. Tens of thousands of children watch our educational, Ready-to-Learn programming every day.  Thousands more tune in to our radio services, including local news and talk shows that can only be found at WXXI.  Our music stations promote arts and culture, and work closely to support other institutions, such as the RPO, the Eastman School of Music and Hochstein. Breathtaking images from Nature and NOVA make our fascinating world so much more accessible.

From education to public affairs to arts and culture, WXXI makes a positive impact on our community each and every day.  If federal funding is significantly reduced or eliminated, it will undercut these efforts and result in a loss of programs and services. Some say that there is no longer a need for federal support for public broadcasting. Others believe it’s one of the worthiest places to invest federal dollars. More importantly, though, is what you think.

We hope you will call your Member of Congress (see list below) and tell them what you think of public broadcasting and the proposed cuts. Congress could take action on these cuts soon, so please act now.

You can also show your support by visiting 170millionamericans.org and sign up and receive updates.  Because the future of WXXI and public broadcasting is at stake, it is important that your elected representatives hear directly from you about whether or not funding for public broadcasting should be continued.

If you feel strongly about federal funding for public broadcasting, let your voice be heard.

*Funding Update


Members of Congress, and their phone numbers. Given the timing of the proposal to eliminate funding for CPB, calling is preferable to writing.

29th District: Honorable Thomas Reed

District phone: (607) 654-7566

Washington phone: (202) 225-3161

Web site: http://reed.house.gov/


28th District: Honorable Louise Slaughter
District phone: (585) 232-4850

Washington phone: (202) 225-3615

Web site:http://www.louise.house.gov/


25th District: Honorable Ann Marie Buerkle
District phone: (585) 336-7291

Washington phone: (202) 225-3701

Web site: http://buerkle.house.gov/


24th District: Honorable Richard Hanna
District phone: (315) 724-9740

Washington phone: (202) 225-3665

Web site: http://hanna.house.gov/



Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Washington, DC Office: 202-224-4451

State Office: 212-688-6262

Web e-mail form: gillibrand.senate.gov/contact/


Senator Charles Schumer

Washington, DC Office: 202-224-6542

State Office: 212-486-4430

Web e-mail form: schumer.senate.gov/new_website/contact.cfm



Funding for Public TV & Radio Broadcasting and NPR

Please continue to fund PBS, NPR and Public Radio stations!! With all the insanity on the airwaves these days, we need classical music to steady our nerves as we drive, the fair and UNBIASED reporting of NPR and The Lehrer Report, and the interesting historic and artistic programming of Public Television.
If these programs are cut, where will we turn for our news and worthwhile education, nature, historic entertainment programming?

Why should PBS be imune to cuts?

The whole sky is falling thing is tiresome. PBS and WXXI will have to take some reductions along with all the other entitlement NGO's. Grow up!

Accross the board cuts should include all sacred cows

When faced with a lack of discipline and reason, the best way to reign in spending is with a cut through all budgets. A good start with the federal system would be to cut 10 percent, no sacred cows. This means military, congressional staff, education, medicade - everthing. Leave it to the departments to figure out if this means less travel, fewer staff members, no office parties, what ever. PBS should be able to live with a cut of roughly 2 percent (20 percent federal funding minus 10 percent cut).

Please don't defund PBS.

PBS is great. I enjoy it frequently. Please don't end the funding to keep it going.

If you say you are member

If you say you are member supported why should public Broadcasting need any tax dollars. Its time that stations like WXXI get off the government wellfair.


This quote from Wick Rowland might be of interest: "In this bastion of capitalist democracy that is the United States of America, commercial media have benefited from the same sort of government largesse that offers tax breaks and other incentives to major industrial and retail corporations. Commercial broadcast stations have profited enormously from their monopoly rights to highly valuable public airwaves, and the wealth of the cable and telecommunications industries has derived in large part from government grants of exclusive rights-of-way and frequencies. The cumulative value of these government subsidies of the private media has far exceeded the amount of federal support for public broadcasting."