Chanukah in Story and Song

Chanukah in Story and Song

Mon, 12/10/2012 - 12:00pm

Pictured: The Western Wind

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The stories, rituals and customs of Chanukah with facinating musical accompaniment.

Chanukah in Story and Song, airing Monday, December 10, 2012 at 12 p.m. on Classical 91.5/FM-HD 91.5-1, is narrated by Leonard Nimoy and sung by the acclaimed vocal sextet The Western Wind Vocal Ensemble.

This delightfully engaging program presents eclectic selections spanning Ladino songs of the Spanish Jews and Yiddish melodies of Eastern Europe and modern Israeli tunes. The ensemble performs a cappella, as well as with instrumental accompaniment. The narration, written by Rabbi Gerald Skolnik, sheds new light on the holiday's customs and rituals.


Trad. Chassidic: Chanukah, Oy Chanukah

Trad. Sephardic: Mi Ze Y'Malel

Trad. Chassidic/Levine: Hayo Haya

Trad. Israeli: Mi Y'Malel

Trad/Levine: Al Hanissim

Adler: Maoz Tzur

Trad: Rock of Ages/Maoz Tzur 

Levine: Lo V'Chayil

Trad: Psalm 30  

Trad: Los Siete Hijos de Hanna

Lewandowski: Hanerot Hallalu

Trad/Bennett: O Ir Kleyne Likhtelekh

Golub/Zukof: Boruch Ate, Zingt Der Tate

Trad/Bensman Rowe: Tzindt On Likhtelekh

Trad/Levine: Mi Ze Hidlik

Trad/Clark: Lichvod Hachanukkah
Greenspan/Bensman Rowe: Kemach Min Hasak

Trad. Sephardic/Western Wind: Hazeremos Una Merenda

Trad. Sephardic/Bensman Rowe: Quita'l Tas

Jagoda/Jacobson: Ocho Kandelikas

Dreytsel/Zukof: Welcome to You Children

Trad/ Helfman: S'Vivon

Goldfaden: Drey Zikh, Dreydele
Gelbart: I Have a Little Dreydle