Juan Williams

Juan Williams

Tue, 10/26/2010 - 9:12am - 3:00pm

WXXI President Norm Silverstein on the Juan Williams' controversy.

The Democrat and Chronicle printed a letter by WXXI President Norm Silverstein regarding NPR and Juan Williams in the paper's editorial section on October 26, 2010. To view it, click here.

To read Silverstein's letter in its entirety, click here.

To read a statement from NPR, and learn where to submit your comments, please click here.



I always thought the

I always thought the relationship between Williams and his Fox/NPR jobs was tenuous at best. He is extremely articulate on whatever he covers and I always enjoyed his coverage on NPR. Although I don't always agree with him, I do like his style.

I have been an NPR junkie and supporter for over 30 years and I am disappointed in the way NPR handled this event.

How can NPR square the Mara Liason and Nina Totenburg Fox work they do?

I think a public apology is due to Mr. Williams and even though it would be uncomfortable, maybe NPR should try and reinstate him...?