A Blackfeet Encounter

A Blackfeet Encounter

Sat, 11/24/2012 - 11:00pm

Credit: APT

The history of the Blackfeet beginning with the oral tradition of Blackfeet Creation through the deadly clash with the Lewis and Clark Expedition and up to the present day.

This documentary provides the opportunity to hear and see one of the most cherished stories of American history from a different perspective – the Blackfeet perspective. While exploring the only deadly clash between Native Americans and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, A Blackfeet Encounter uncovers a rich Blackfeet history, heritage and culture.  Shot at important Blackfeet historic sites in Montana, the story is told mainly through the eyes of Native American historians, cultural experts, tribal elders and educators.

A Blackfeet Encounter airs Saturday, November 24 at 11 p.m. on WXXI World (cable 524/DT21.2).

A stunning vista explodes upon the screen from the very first frame. A single, authentic voice begins the narration – in the Blackfeet language. An historical account of an actual event that poised to change Blackfeet life irrevocably, is used as a jumping off point to explore the effects of the arrival of Lewis and Clark on all First Nations societies along the way, and how their cultures have survived to this day.

Blending rich scenery, expert First Nations testimony, rich narration and a compelling sound track, the film reveals the extraordinary world and culture of the Blackfeet.  Beautiful historical paintings by Charles Russell, George Catlin and others, mixed with intriguing historical photographs from the Edward S. Curtis collection illustrate the story.

The documentary traces the tribe’s history beginning with the oral tradition of Blackfeet Creation, explores the encounter with Meriwether Lewis during the Lewis and Clark Expedition, chronicles their experience after the Expedition, and ends with a revealing look at Montana’s Blackfeet Indian Reservation and the people who live there today.

A Blackfeet Encounter is the brain child of Blackfeet cultural leader, Curly Bear Wagner, who envisions a series of Native American documentaries about the First Nations peoples all along the Lewis and Clark trail.  It is written, produced and directed by Dennis Neary, and is his second documentary on a Native American theme.