Lidia's Italy Marathon on Create

Lidia's Italy Marathon on Create

Sat, 10/09/2010 - 6:00am - 6:00pm

Pictured: Lidia Bastianich


Credit: APT

Join Lidia as she travels throughout Italy and shares with us delicious culinary secrets.

Lidia's Italy Marathon airs Saturday, October 9 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Create (cable 433/DT21.3).

Lidia's Italy celebrates the land Lidia Matticchio Bastianich calls home. In the third season, the beloved chef continues her journeys throughout Italy to sample regional dishes from new and unexplored regions, including Abruzzo, Sardegna, Molise and more. Lidia travels to the source of Italy’s delicious food products, including Trentino's Fontina cheese and Emilia Romagna's balsamic vinegar and prosciutto di Parma. In Central Italy’s Le Marche, she visits with philosopher and cheese producer Vittorio Beltrami who shows Lidia his prized sheep and leads her through the process of making his famous Pecorino cheese. In Lombardy, she ventures beyond the capital city of Milan to meet one of Italy’s most famous contemporary artists, Mario Donizetti. Back in her kitchen, the stage for her previous public television series, Lidia — frequently joined by family, friends and guest chefs — prepares several recipes seen during her travels.

Notto Risotto (Lombardy)
Rice, rice and more rice! Lidia explores the realm of simple rice dishes in this episode. For years she has taught you how to make risotto; in this show, she exclaims, “Now I’m going to tell you how to “unmake it!” In addition, Lidia visits the noble and picturesque Principato de Lucedio rice farm and learns both the traditional and modern methods of harvesting rice. (Yes, she even uses a sickle!) Back in the kitchen, Lidia teaches us some of the simplest rice dishes that anyone can make, even if you have only 20 minutes to prepare dinner tonight. Learn how to make Rice with Butternut Squash, Rice with Fresh Sage, and Traditional Rice and Chicken.

Sunday Dinner in Emilia Romagna (Emilia Romagna)
Lidia has been friends with Carlo Galloni and his family for years, and in this episode, she takes the viewer to meet them and learn about the production of the “king” of Italian hams –Prosciutto di Parma. Outside of Parma, join Lidia and her daughter Tanya as they meet with Carlo and his family to discuss this centuries–old tradition of making Prosciutto di Parma. Back in the kitchen, Lidia makes two scrumptious dishes from the area – the Anolini in Chicken Broth and Veal Scallopine Bolognese, and her two granddaughters – Olivia and Julia – are present as her able assistants.

Milano Classico (Lombardy)
Lombardy’s most famous city is Milan, and one of Milan’s most famous dishes is the mouthwatering “Ossobuco alla Milanese” which is served on a Saffron Flavored Risotto. Lidia shows her daughter Tanya how to prepare these two rich and satisfying dishes in the studio but also takes you beyond Milan – to the lesser known Lombard city of Bergamo. While Milan houses one of Italy’s most famous Renaissance paintings – Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, Bergamo is home to a contemporary “Renaissance Man” and dear friend of the family – Mario Donizetti. Lidia and Tanya will take you to his home and studio in this episode. Cody Hogan of Lidia’s Kansas City stops by Lidia’s house to share some of her favorite Milanese dishes.

Weeknight Stovetop Chicken (Le Marche)
Lidia knows that everyone is pressed for time these days and always looking for a quick, simple and delicious dish to put on the table for the family during the week. Her Chicken with Olives, Pinenuts and Celery Steamed in a Skillet, does the trick! Lidia asks “why did the chicken cross the road in this episode?” Well…to get to the olive grove of course! Lidia also visits with the Petrini family in the beautiful region of Le Marche and talks about the olive varietals particular to this region – especially the Ascoli olive.

Flora and Fauna (Le Marche)
Lidia’s friend Vittorio Beltrami has a look very similar to Albert Einstein. And his genius is cheese! Lidia will visit Beltrami’s farm in Le Marche where he tends to his precious animals. You’ll witness his passion for cheese making before heading back to the studio with Lidia where she makes Lamb Chunks with Olives and a simple Stuffed Quail in Parchment – a technique that can be used with other poultry as well.

Amber Waves of Pasta (Emilia Romagna)
Emilia Romagna is known for its Prosciutto di Parma, its balsamic vinegar and rich egg yolk pasta. The women of Le Sfogline pasta making shop in the city of Bologna are well known by the locals for their delicate pasta making tradition. These hand–rolled, razor thin, nearly transparent pasta sheets are used to make some of the most delicious comfort food you can find in all of Italy. Back in the studio, Lidia uses this tradition to make her fresh Tagliatelle with White Meat Sauce and a delicious Walnut Pesto.

From Wine To Chocolate
(Valle d’Aosta)
Hearty foods dominate this mountainous landscape and are interestingly paired with high quality French–style wines. Valle d’Aosta exemplifies true border cuisine. In this episode, Lidia will visit with her dear friends at Les Crêtes winery, whose roots go back to the 1700s and are descendants of the original owner who came to Italy from France. The hearty food prepared in this episode includes Polenta with White Beans and Black Kale; a Beef Fillet with Wine Sauce and a scrumptious Chocolate Biscotti Pudding.

Yodeling in the Alto Piano (Trentino Alto Adige)
The border region of Trentino Alto Adige is associated with foods that might not sound very Italian to many viewers. In this episode, Lidia and Tanya visit the scenic Alpine town of Merano – a multi–cultural Italo–Germanic town where the food and culture beautifully demonstrate the border cuisine and culture of the area. With apples being a dominant product of the area, Lidia brings back a delicious twist on apple sauce – actually made with horseradish. Her other two delicious recipes are the typical Canederli, or fried potato and celery root dumplings, and Beef Rolls with Mustard and Vegetables.

Terre e Mare (Le Marche)
Le Marche, just east of the more well–known region of Umbria, is still somewhat undiscovered by tourists. It’s a region famous for its mountains and herds of sheep and great cheeses, its olive oil but also its beautiful coastal areas. In this episode, Lidia visits with a dear friend of her son–in–law’s father, who knows this region quite well. After clamming for some of the beachside town’s famous seafood, she’ll then head back to the kitchen to prepare Spaghetti with Clam Sauce, along with a Ziti with Tuna “Ascoli” Style—in honor of Le Marche—the town that has brought us some of the world’s best olives. Lidia also prepares a delicious Zucchini and Olive side dish in this episode.

Rolling Out a Genovese Buffet
The stuffed veal breast featured in this episode—known as the Cima alla Genovese—was first presented to television viewers by Lidia on the classic Master Chefs series with Julia Child. Lidia says that stuffed veal breast can be found in many regions but it’s the Genovese style that she feels is one of the most distinctive and delicious and still is one of her favorite Ligurian dishes.

Three Pastas In a Flash (Basilicata)
The fare of this region is pasta, vegetables, mountain cheese, (such as pecorino or provola), lamb, and pork. Uncomplicated, yet complex, flavors reign supreme, and are rolled into every freshly made pasta dish throughout the region. Back at home, Lidia teaches her son, Joe, all about the flavors of Basilicata, laid out in three simple pasta dishes, including a Bucatini with Sausage, Ditalini with Broccoli Rabe, and Rigatoni with lentils.

Sweet and Spicy Calabria (Calabria)
What unique and favorite regional product of Calabria did the Queen of England have delivered regularly to the castle’s kitchen? That would be the Tropea onion, a purple torpedo–looking sweet onion that is used to enhance the flavor in much of Calabrian cuisine, and whose healing properties have been promoted since Roman times. When not the Tropea onions, you can surely find the heat from all the peperoncino that is used to add spice to the cuisine, and is found in every household. Lidia prepares some fantastic Calabrian dishes including her Sweet Onion Soup, some Spicy Calamari and for
dessert, Sesame Candy.