With Heart and Voice with Richard Gladwell

With Heart and Voice with Richard Gladwell

Sun, 07/11/2010 - 7:00pm

Pictured: Richard Gladwell

A retrospective from 31 years of the broadcast featuring Richard Gladwell.

WXXI-FM presents nine retrospective programs of With Heart and Voice with Richard Gladwell from the early days of the national show. Mr. Gladwell passed away on October 15, 2009 after battling brain cancer, but his sacred choral and organ music series continues with host Peter DuBois. In this retrospective series, airing Sundays at 7 p.m., July 11 through August 29 on Classical 91.5/FM-HD91.5-2, DuBois introduces each episode.

The late Mr. Gladwell produced With Heart and Voice from the studios of WXXI-FM, playing sacred choral and organ music from his personal collection of more than 6,000 records and over 4,000 compact discs. His selections spanned the full range of Western religious music, from the Gothic period to the 21st century. Today, Mr. DuBois produces the program using Mr. Gladwell's collection.

With Heart and Voice began as a local Sunday morning program on WXXI-FM in 1975, and is now in its 31st year of broadcast in Rochester. In May 2009, Mr. Gladwell, worked with WXXI to select Peter DuBois to succeed him as host of With Heart and Voice. In addition to airing on WXXI-FM, the radio program broadcasts on more than 100 public radio stations across the country.

WXXI-FM is proud to be able to continue the With Heart and Voice series in honor of Mr. Gladwell. And, listeners across the country have shared with the station their appreciation to WXXI for continuing this tradition of sacred choral and organ music.



With Heart & Voice

Thank you for keeping With Heart & Voice on the air. I started listening in 1989 on WMFE Classical 90.7 Orlando. It was my Sunday morning inspiration. Now I am glad that I can still listen online because WMFE removed the program but I tune in online either to WXXI or from another station if I miss the time because since late 2008 I live in Austria part of the year. Thank God for the internet & for online streaming! Mr. Dubois is doing an excellent job keeping the tradition & I hope it remains on the air forever, the Sun am live program & the one hosted by Mr. Gladwell. I love hearing his voice still brings back many memories & we know that he is still with us in spirit.


Thank you for continuing the Gladwell selections. They are an important part of our musical history. I had fear that the program would be discontinued after the death of Mr. Gladwell but both you and he have the wisdom to keep sharing his depth in religious music.

Bill Shank