Mothers' Day Specials on Classical 91.5

Mothers' Day Specials on Classical 91.5

Sun, 05/09/2010 - 1:00pm

Cr: Mehmetcan

A musical tribute to mothers everywhere.

Classical 91.5 honors Mother's Day with two Mormon Tabernacle specials. At 1 p.m. on Sunday, May 9, Classical 91.5/FM-HD 91.5 brings listeners Honoring Mothers, a presentation of choral worksin appreciation for the sacrifice and devotion of our mothers. Immediately following at 1:30 p.m. listeners will enjoy, Mother’s Many Gifts, as The Mormon Tabernacle Choir musically reminds us how much of the world’s goodness is rooted in the gifts of love from our mothers.



Program May 9, @8:05 am

Would you kindly send me the particulars on the Bach selection sung by Renee Fleming played at about 8:05 am on May 9th.

Renee Fleming recording

Martha -

The Bach piece Renee Fleming sang on WHV yesterday was Charles Gounod's "Ave Maria" which is based on the Prelude No. 1 from Bach's Well-Temepered Clavier. The particular recording is entitled "Sacred Songs" with Renee Fleming and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. On DECCA records, catalog #B0005193-02. Hope you enjoyed it!