Doc Martin Marathon on WXXI-TV

Doc Martin Marathon on WXXI-TV

Sun, 03/21/2010 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Pictured: Martin Clunes as Doc martin

Doc Martin is a very good doctor - apart from the new-found phobia of blood that drove him from his successful metropolitan surgery practice to the quirky Cornish village of Portwenn.

A tuberculosis outbreak, a food poisoning scare... even a blossoming romance in Season Three of the critically acclaimed series Doc Martin. The Doc Martin Marathon airs Sunday, March 21 at 1 p.m. on WXXI-TV (DT21.1/cable1011/cable11).

Episodes One & Two, On the Edge

The tranquility of Portwenn is disturbed when a group of birdwatchers descends on the village in search of a rare bird. Pauline announces that she wants to go to university, so Martin has to start looking for another receptionist. Louisa's father Terry arrives unannounced in Portwenn - could this have an effect on the relationship between Martin and Louisa?

Episode Three, The Apple Doesn't Fall

The children of Portwenn primary school are being read a fairy story by headmistress Louisa Glasson as the grumpiest doctor in the West Country marches through the fishing village. Suddenly Louisa feels faint and passes out in front of her class.
Although she insists she is okay, Dr Ellingham is concerned she may be anaemic and asks her to see him at his surgery.
Later on at the surgery she feels uncomfortable talking to him because of their shared personal history and requests a transfer to another doctor. 
Louisa tries to talk about their relationship but, as usual, Dr Ellingham fails to pick up on the personal signals. He is as blunt as ever and has no words of reassurance. Any chance of romance seems doomed. Meanwhile school dinner-lady Alison Lane is struggling to control her adolescent daughter Delph who is constantly in trouble.
Alison is convinced Delph has a medical condition. But the doctor disagrees and is quick to dismiss her without treatment because, in his opinion, Delph is a delinquent in need of good parenting. But he re-thinks his diagnosis when he begins to suspect the cause of Delph’s hyperactivity might be the diet pills Alison has been buying from the pharmacist Mrs Tishell.
Delph is nearly killed when she jumps from a moving trailer and crashes through the glass door of village shop. As Martin treats Delph, he’s overcome by his phobia of blood. Help is surprisingly at hand from his receptionist Pauline Lamb.
Pauline is becoming increasingly frustrated by the limitations of her job and is continually overstepping the mark by interfering with the doctor’s duties.




Doc Martin Season 5

My recent addiction to Doc Martin, inherited form my 88 year-old dad won't be satisfied until the next season begins. Will WXXI broadcast it on 9/12 when it resumes in the UK?

Doc Martin Season 5

The new season has not been made available as of yet in the U.S. We are hopeful it will be offered to us to acquire and air in 2012. In the meantime - We will be airing Season 1 on Thursdays at 10pm starting September 22nd. We too are anxiously awaiting Season 5!

Doc Martin Season 5

2012?????? I cant' wait that long! I haven't been this interested in PBS since ZOOM in the early 70's.