1370 Connection: John Robinson

1370 Connection: John Robinson

Host Bob Smith talks with John Robinson, who was born a congenital amputee but never let that slow him down.

John Robinson was born with no hands. His arms stop at his elbow. No knees. His lower legs are attached to his hips. What should have been a life in the shadows became the life of a man who cast a giant shadow despite his 3’9” height.

Despite the challenges he faced at birth, John is living the life of his dreams—he graduated from Syracuse University and has made his way as a successful broadcast salesperson that now holds a high level management position. He has a wife and three children. He drives a car, plays golf, coaches soccer, holds committee positions, has fulfilling personal relationships, and participates in many other activities that even those without his challenges do not pursue.

On Monday, January 18 at 12 noon on AM 1370, 1370 Connection host Bob Smith talks with John about his life, his work, and his latest book Get Off Your Knees: A Story of Faith, Courage, and Determination. A documentary, of the same name, profiling the compelling life story of this remarkable man airs Wednesday, January 20 at 9 p.m. on WXXI-TV (DT21.1/cable 1011 and 11).

This 1370 Connection special and the Get Off Your Knees TV broadcast are  part of Dialogue on Disability, a partnership between WXXI and Al Sigl Community of Agencies designed to stimulate community dialogue about the perspectives and abilities of people with disabilities. At the heart of this initiative is programming broadcast on WXXI television and radio that celebrates the amazing lives of people with disabilities. Dialogue on Disability runs January 18-24. Dialogue on Disability is made possible thanks to support from the Fred L. Emerson Foundation.



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