Get off Your Knees: The John Robinson Story

Get off Your Knees: The John Robinson Story

Mon, 01/30/2012 - 7:00pm

John Robinson with his mother Priscilla

John Robinson was born a congenital amputee. This is his story.

John Robinson was born with no hands. His arms stop at his elbow. No knees. His lower legs are attached to his hips. What should have been a life in the shadows became the life of a man who cast a giant shadow despite his 3’9” height. Get off Your Knees: The John Robinson Story, a documentary profiling the compelling life story of this remarkable man, airs Monday, January 30 at 7 p.m. on WXXI World (DT21.2/cable 524).

Get Off Your Knees focuses on the foundation built through his education and his continued successes, struggles, and perseverance obtaining a job and building a family. John’s ability to succeed in life remained in question while he was growing up.  When he was born, his parents wondered how he would be able to hold things, write, and feed and dress himself.  Would he go to school?  Would he be able to get a job and support himself?
Despite the challenges he faced at birth, John is living the life of his dreams—he graduated from Syracuse University and has made his way as a successful broadcast salesperson that now holds a high level management position. He has a wife and three children. He drives a car, plays golf, coaches soccer, holds committee positions, has fulfilling personal relationships, and participates in many other activities that even those without his challenges do not pursue, including taking his young son to see his beloved Pittsburgh Steelers win the 2006 Super Bowl in Detroit.  
People with disabilities are the nation’s most vulnerable demographic, and the challenges they face every day can seem overwhelming. The documentary serves as a valuable educational tool for both individuals with disabilities and those without.  It demonstrates how a normal and productive life can be achieved even when faced with challenges and informs the viewer about the sensitivity of issues associated with disabilities.