1370 Connection: A Conversation with Governor Paterson

Thu, 04/09/2009 - 10:00pm
New York State Governor David Paterson
Tune in to 1370 Connection on AM 1370/HD 91.5-2 at 10 p.m. to hear a pre-recorded conversation with New York State Governor David Paterson on infrastructure, state layoffs, and other issues. But, before that, Smith speaks with RIT's John Klofas about a new report on how we'll reintegrate former convicts into the community.



Payroll Cuts

As long as you insist upon increasing the pay of people on your staff, your proposal for cuts has no credibility. The fact that you got rid of some people is good. However, increasing the pay of the others trashes your credibility.

We need to stop communications companies with an exclusive franchise, like Time Warner, from playing games with our Internet Access. We probably need a state law that makes exclusive franchises illegal. When we need to do everything to enhance our environment for people to live here and conduct business, we shouldn't have Time Warner working against us.

Something else to look into. While we want more people to work here, Monroe County is assessing such high rentals on airport space that they are forcing the general aviation flight school to leave the airport. Somehow we need to foster an environment where governments don't drive jobs away due to carelessness. It seems like the flight school should be able to receive some kind of waiver on space rental. We have deals where companies come here and get huge tax breaks for illusory job gains.