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Healthy You and Working on Wellness are collaborative efforts of WXXI, Rochester and WSKG, Binghamton. Working together, we are helping to keep our communities' kids and families healthy by teaching healthy behaviors. Through this project, WXXI and WSKG are addressing issues of child obesity and wellness in Western and Central New York. The initiative is funded in part by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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On Television

WXXI Public broadcasting hosted a series of community forums and conversations about child obesity and child health.
Watch the forums, see segments for kids and learn about obesity here:

Tips for Good Health:

See What the Community is Saying About Healthy You:


Another Healthy You: A Community Forum on Child Obesity and Child Health aired in November 2010. The forum invited members of the community to discuss the latest epidemic that threatens our children. A list of panelists and links to related resources are available on this page

A special Healthy You Childhood Health Forum aired in late February 2010 on WXXI-TV and is now available to view online. It gives viewers an opportunity to find out more about child obesity in our community and learn about resources to help keep families healthy. The special page about the program contains a video of the full program as well as information about the expert panelists and links to related resources in these categories:


Healthy You television and multimedia segments promoting healthy behaviors for kids and providing supporting resources for families are seen every Monday during Homework Hotline at 5:30 p.m. and can be seen online in the Homework Hotline Video Player at (also available as all segments on a single page)

On Radio

1370 Connection and Healthy Friday will feature shows on child obesity and wellness.

Listen to a recent program: "Dr. Nancy Bennett and Dr. Geoff Williams look at the state of people's nutritional health--could something like the proposed soda tax actually improve public health and help deal with the obesity epidemic?"

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Resources for Healthy Kids

More Health Resources

For more Health resources, visit WXXI's Health Section.

About Working on Wellness

WSKG's Working on Wellness initiative WoW works with Binghamton-area health organizations to address childhood obesity. Like WXXI, WSKG is using its media resources and outreach activities to create an awareness of what is being done in our community concerning these issues. Visit WSKG's Working on Wellness page for further information.

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WXXI offers community-based workshops through partner organizations such as Rochester universal pre-K and educator and daycare provider professional organizations. Click here for free resources and activities for families that you can use with your kids.

Healthy You Partners

This project is made possible by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting