Find Your Path: Career Coach: Interactive Career Sector Exploration

Find Your Path: You can start now by exploring career options using the resources below. Search or browse job titles, pay levels, training required and outlook for the next 5 years and even current openings in our region! 

MCC Career Coach

Explore top career fields in the Greater Rochester area, including needed training, estimated salaries, career assessments and resume building tools. Also a search for Veterans to match military skills to careers. Provided by MCC for students and the Greater Rochester Community. Connect to Learn more: Connect to MCC Career Coach

Also Explore Economic Data on Regional Career Clusters from the FWD Center

GLOW With Your Hands VirtualGLOW with Your Hands Virtual is a companion website to an annual hands-on event for students from schools in the GLOW region. The website provides on-demand career video content highlighting opportunities available right here in our GLOW region, ladders of educational pathways to employment, and a panorama of programs and events designed to excite students about the world of work, create career awareness, and offer exploration. Learn More: Connect to GLOW with Your Hands Virtual