Raising the Future, The Child Care Crisis On-Demand

Raising the Future, The Child Care Crisis On-Demand

Raising the Future: The Child Care Crisis from PBS Newshour

PBS NewsHour presents an indepth look at how the lack of affordable, quality child care is affecting American families. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed life for millions of parents and pushed the nation’s childcare system to the brink of collapse. A heated debate has emerged over what can be done to better meet the needs of parents and children. In this hourlong documentary, PBS NewsHour explores the burden costly childcare places on families, travels to cities and states experimenting with new ways of providing childcare, and delves into the political battle brewing over the idea of federally funded, universal childcare.

Local Childcare Challenges: 

Listen to childcare challenges in our region from these two WXXI News Connections shows from September. 


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