July 2015 Listings for From the Top

July 2015 Listings for From the Top

Sundays at 5:00 p.m.

A trio from The Cincinnati Starling Project (7/19)

July promises some of the most amazing young artists ever.  We start the month with From the Top's 300th episode.

7/5       Our 300th episode features an 11-year-old who is not only a precocious violinist, but happens to be a budding meteorologist.  We’ll also meet a young cellist who performs the gorgeous Andante movement from Rachmaninoff’s Sonata in g, and a pianist who, at the age of 14, has recorded all of the Opus 25 Chopin piano études.

7/12      From New World Center in Miami Beach, Florida, you'll meet a 13-year-old violinist who’s studying with a New World Symphony fellow, a 16-year-old violist who is an outspoken champion of the viola, and a 17-year-old soprano who is taught by her Grammy Award-winning mom. We’ll also hear a movement of the Brahms Piano Quintet performed by current New World Symphony fellows who just happen to be alumni of our show!

7/19      From Corbett Auditorium in Cincinnati, Ohio, we’ll feature one of the strongest pre-collegiate music programs in the country: The Cincinnati Starling Project. Host Christopher O'Riley joins Starling’s flagship orchestra to play Mozart, we'll hear a 12-year-old violinist and one of the program's most talented young soloists perform the music of Edward Elgar, and three From the Top alumni return to share their stories of mega success on YouTube and to perform a wonderfully schmaltzy comedic violin trio.
7/26      From Tacoma, Washington, this episode features Prokofiev’s Toccata performed by a totally brilliant, risk-taking 15-year-old, we’ll hear a young violinist perform a lush and lyrical piece written for her by her father, and we’ll enjoy music from a film by the great Japanese animator Hiyao Miyazaki sumptuously arranged for four cellos by one of the young performers on the program.