Dropping radio station HD3

I have just learned of the plan to drop radio station 95.1 HD3 in order to strengthen 95.1 HD1. I am extremely dissapointed. I don't have any problems receiving HD1. If they want to fix something they should improve the 1370 signal. I bought an HD radio specifically to listen to 1370 programming on HD2 because of the lousy 1370 reception. I then found that the HD3 station had very interesting programming. I was even thinking of buying an additional HD radio for my living room. I won't do that now because it will only give me the option of one station. (I don't listen to any commercial radio.)

Why didn't WXXI give us fair warning about this plan so that we could have reacted and maybe have discouaged the change?



The dropping of WXXI FM HD-3

The dropping of WXXI FM HD-3 (WXXI 91.5 FM) will not improve the HD1 signal. Your comment that you don't have any problems with HD-1 is correct. The change will improve the quality of the broadcast of WXXI FM HD-2, which is a simulcast of WXXI-AM 1370. There should be a noticeable quality improvement in the audio. In addition, there are issues with program availability that has resulted in this move. WXXI would love to improve the AM 1370 signal, but there are legal and technical reasons that limit this process. We are always looking at solutions to problems as the technology changes, and as opportunities arise. We do appreciate hearing the comments.

Dropping of HD-3

Nooooo... I just went out and spent a bunch of money on an HD radio to be able to pick-up the HD-3 signal... I can get the other two on AM and FM... !

Gah... a little warning would have been nice WXXI!

dropping of HD radio 3

I also just bought an HD radio precisely so that I could hear programs that aren't available over the air.

Did you poll your listeners? How many people really "need' or "want" to have "great sound" on talk radio?

Or is this just disingenuous, and WXXI is saving money by not buying the programs on the HD 3 lineup?


I appreciate your comments and concerns. The cost of the HD3 programming was not really a factor in the decision. We were having issues with program availability for the HD3 service and the quality of the signal was also a concern. Many people can not get WXXI-AM at night, and only do so with the HD2 service. We have had numerous requests to increase the quality of this broadcast, as both the HD3 and HD2 were pretty grungy sounding with their reduced bandwidth. With limited bandwidth, something had to give. We also wanted the HD3 service to be more than a few new programs and repeats or time shifts. Due to changes in program availability and other factors, we would have been faced with more repeats or programs that really did not reflect the core programming of WXXI. The technology is improving for this service, so we may be able to bring back an HD3 service in the future of a better quality than it had, and there may be better program choices offered, as well. We also are planning to institute HD radio on WRUR-FM in the future, and this will offer some additional program choices. I can understand your disappointment with the HD3 service going away, as the person that helped set up this programming, and also as a listener to it myself. We constantly look at our services to look for ways to improve them and we have noted your comments.

Michael Black
Radio Program Manager

dropping HD#

As a long-time supporter of WXXI, I want to be included as another one extremely disappointed with the loss of HD3 service. I certainly would not have purchased the HD radio this year if I had know that would happen.

In a small town in Massachusetts this summer we had access to four different public radio FM stations with far more diverse programming than in Rochester. These were accessible with any cheap radio.

Donald Tucker