21-1, 21-2 and 21-3 disappeared on Monday, 1/10/2011... !~


We've been receiving the 21-1, 21-2 and 21-3 via our digital receiver since the conversion, but all three channels disappeared on Monday, 1/10 after 10 AM.

Anyone experiencing something similar?

We live in the city, near Culver & University, only a couple of miles from the transmitters... !


disappearance of 21-1,2,3

We also had them disappear but they weren't totally gone, the signal had changed direction or gotten weak, or ???
We moved our (indoor) antenna around and re-scanned our TV a few times and were able to get some programs sometimes.
I remember this happening last year also, I think it is either a technical failure or maintenance or upgrading of the transmitter.
Things seem to be back to normal now and I'm pretty glad because I haven't watched any channel but WXXI for about the last 15 years;
all the others are much too mindless.
However, beware of the PrimeTime news show !!
I mean the one that airs from 7-8PM Monday thru Friday on 21.1.
It's just as slanted, inaccurate, and omissive as what passes for news on mainstream networks.