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WXXI in Williamson

I live in Williamson, I have a deep fringe antenna on the roof with an amplifier and rotor. I receive all analog and digital channels from Rochester and Syracuse, depending on rotor Position. I receive WXXI analog only. It does not matter the direction of the rotor, and I have done dozens of scans. I believe this to be a WXXI problem, any opinions?


WXXI in Williamson

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You may need a larger aerial, namely a larger UHF bandwidth. Furthermore, your signal read out on the other channels may just be strong enough, which may cause some issues eventually, such as pixelation, cutting out and "no signal" screens (that's not a given certainly). Or it's possible something is blocking your line of sight to WXXI. You may call 1-866-348-9994 for more assistance.

We've got a place in

We've got a place in Hollands Cove that had a beatup old antenna on a mast about 14 feet tall from the ground.. I added a signal booster with a converter box and could tune all the Rochester digital stations _except_ WXXI. WXXI analog comes in fine.
Bought a slightly better rooftop antenna to replace the old one, in hope that WXXI would come in. No such luck. However, the new antenna now tunes in WPBS (channel 16) from Watertown, apparantly from the back side, since their tower is almost exactly 180 degrees around from Pinnacle Hill. And yes, the antenna is pointed the right direction towards Pinnacle. I "tuned" the position by rotating the pole, while watching the antenna signal strength on the TV.
In our main house in Williamson, we've got a similarly sized antenna in the attic, and have no problems with WXXI digital (same converter box - no amplifier). I can only assume it's the higher altitude of the home antenna that makes it work.
Given the number of folks who seem to be having issues with WXXI DTV, I've got to say I'm kind of disappointed in the stock answers I've seen in the forum

No Reception

I am confused. Up until now I have been able to receive WXXI 5x5 analog. I live up near the lake shore and have a deep fringe antenna in the attic of a two story house. When 21 said it was broadcasting in digital, and I have a dual tuner set, I was able to get the digital stations. Then they went away, so I purchased an inline amplifier that is good for digital frequency as some have said is an issue and still no digital 21. I then chalked it up to 21 testing their station and turning down the power until it was time to go fully digital as alot of the stations did. Well now I get to listen in English and Spanish of just how stupid I am in hooking up my converter box etc., but still no digital. The response from Kent and et al is that it is my problem. Just a question, has anyone ever come out and checked the signal level for the station other than to look at the panel meter and say we are transmitting? There are things know as dead zones, polarity, and skip. We welcome here in Williamson, Ontario, and Webster your interest in helping us out. Thanks for listening.

No Reception

We live on the Lake Shore here in Williamson (Pultneyville).
I ditto all the comments from the above message.
Always got WXXI
Now get all the digital channels except WXXI
What gives?
Must be an WXXI problem !!!

Field Work to test signal

WXXI engineers are out doing field work to test signal strength. Their goal is to take indoor and outdoor signal readings in 10 or more locations. They are working on 4 quadrants, north-east, south-east, south-west and north-west. Yesterday they worked along the lake in Irondequoit, Webster and in Williamson - they are out again today.