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WXXI DTV Over the AIR Transmission Upgrade - July 2013

WXXI has just completed construction and testing a new taller transmission antenna.  After being side mounted on the transmission tower since the beginning of DTV operation we are now transmitting from a top mounted antenna with more power.  The new antenna features an increase on height of about 85 feet and an almost doubling of radiated power.  We are now at the height of the original analog antenna.

If you had lost WXXI over-the-air reception now or during the analog to DTV conversion some years ago, please follow the procedure below:

While watching the receiver in over-the-air mode, manually tune channel 16 (WXXXI actually transmits on radio frequency of Channel 16).  In a few moments you should see channel 16 then automatically chance to channel 21.1.  If you do not see the channel, select the menu option to display the signal strength.  While observing the signal strength, adjust the antenna to display the best signal strength.  Usually only a small change in needed to optimize the reception.

If no signal is received, please check the cables leading from the antenna to the receiver.  There must not be VCR’s or other devices in the path between the antenna and the receiver.  All cable connections must be tight.

If you still have a reception issue, feel free to contact WXXI.  We would like to hear from you.