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WHAM Reception in the City

I live in the SE part of Rochester, near the Monroe Ave/I-490 interchange. I own a DTV capable television (and a non-DTV television I am waiting for my converter box coupon for). I receive WHAM's analog signal just fine with good strength, but I do not receive their digital signal, preventing me from viewing both WHAM and CW-WHAM. I have no problems viewing all other Rochester area digital signals.

I am very close to Pinnacle Hill and do not understand why this is the case. Any ideas would be appreciated.


What kind of antenna are you

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What kind of antenna are you using? Some people have found that if they are close to Pinnacle Hill, they do not need a very powerful antenna. In fact, an antenna that is too strong or is amplified when it doesn't need to be can often HURT the signal. The extreme cases have been able to get digital signals using just a paper clip as an antenna. Try adjusting the position of your antenna. If you have an "amplified" antenna, it's likely that you are giving your TV too much signal. Try a smaller, non-amplified antenna. WHAM has a powerful signal, so this makes me think that might be the problem.

Let us know how this pans out, since we often get calls similar to your problem.

I am using a cheap $20

I am using a cheap $20 Phillips-brand (I assume licensed) TV antenna

For reasons unrelated to reception, I ended up moving my television and antenna away from a window further into the middle of my place, it worked and I receive WHAM just fine.

No idea what the issue was.