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Reception in Webster and Irondequoit

For those Webster and Irondequoit residents having difficulty receiving channel 21 (10 has been problematic here as well) WXXI suggests a few steps:

1. Perform another channel scan, especially if you have disconnected or powered off the converter box manually.

2. If your converter box allows for a signal strength scan (as to improve the strength), by all means run one. For example, the Zenith DTT 900 or 901 models allow you, once you've pressed the menu button, to select signal strength (above the channel scan option) and you will get a better signal readout. It is recommended you read your specific converter box manual or call the box manufacturer to see if your converter box has this function.

3. Rotate your antenna slowly and slightly and/or put it up higher. Placing antennas on a phone book not only provides a few more inches of height, it helps to stabilize the antenna surface.

4. If these above steps do not help, WXXI recommends several indoor antennas that have worked successfully in the Webster/Irondequoit area. The first brand is the Terk, of which the engineers suggest two models, (1), the HDTVi (looks like a sideways Christmas tree) and, (2), the TV4 (a flat panel UHF band with your traditional "rabbit ears" protruding out of the back). Those models can be found at Rowe Photos. The next brand is a Phillips with the model being the PHDTV3, which can be ordered online at All antennas should not cost you more than 30 dollars.