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Reception of DTV signals

I too am totally confused. I live near the shore line in Williamson and have had no problem receiving the analog signal. I have a deep fringe antenna which is good for 50 miles. In addition I purchased an in-line 10db gain booster and still have not been able to received the digital signal from WXXI. I will say at one time early on I did get the signal, but it went away and has never returned. As I read the blog, someone wrote that they can not received the signal in Holland's Cove, but was able to get it at home. I am curious as to where in town they are located. I spoke to the folks at Sunrad in Sodus and they say they too are having difficulty getting reception. I know the signals are line of sight, but my antenna is located on a two story home. Very strange. Has anyone taken measurments to determine if the signal is making up to the northern part of Williamson/Ontario/Webster? Although I did see someone from Marion say they can not receive DTV signal either.


Town of Ontario DTV reception

We have a large antenna on a 2-story house about a mile south of the the big lake in the town of Ontario. While we receive good DTV signals from abc, cbs, nbc and fox, reception of the WXXI signal is almost nil. We have talked with other folks in various parts of town who used to receive analog signals from WXXI, and they have now been forced to subscribe to cable.

What are the other stations doing that WXXI is not?