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No signal? Try a quick channel scan!

- Set TV to channel 3, using TV remote

- Using the converter box remote, hit the menu/setup button....a menu screen should appear (if your remote doesn't work, check to make sure the batteries aren't shrink wrapped!)

- Once in the menu, look for Channel Scan, Auto Scan, Auto Tuning, or something of that nature.
-To highlight an option, use the four arrow keys that are clustered together on your remote (NOT THE CHANNEL UP/DOWN keys). There should be a button in the middle of those 4 arrows (enter/ok/or just a dot) and press that to actually select the option.

- Once you select that option, the TV will automatically run through and detect analog and digital signals.

- When the scan is complete, the menu will either disappear on it's own, or you may have to hit the menu button on your remote to exit.

- After you've done the scan, manually go through your channels to ensure they are all there.

If you are having reception issues, it may be an antenna problem (consider upgrading to a UHF/VHF compatible antenna----TERK HDTVi is a good one @ Rowe Photo).

You may have to do channel scans periodically, or when you reposition your antenna.

Hopefully, you'll be set to go with a quick scan!


No Signal from WXXI-TV

I am very frustrated by my inability to receive the digital signal from WXXI. I purchased my first converter box and antenna last summer (2008) and was able to receive all digital channels but WXXI. When I called the station, the engineer came out to my house but was unable to fix the problem. He suggested a different converter box and an upgraded antenna, which I purchased, but neither has made any difference. When I called him again, he said that many customers in the Webster and Ontario area were having reception problems (I live in Webster). I don't know what WXXI is doing to correct this. I have followed all the instructions to the letter and still get a "no signal" response when I try to access WXXI. Can someone help me? BTW, I will be more than happy to donate my unused converter box and antenna when this problem is resolved.


I, too, get all my stations except for WXXI. It seems alot of people are having this problem. I live in Sea Breeze, have a good converter box and new digital antenna. All the other channels (8, 10.1, 10.2, 13.1, 13.2 and 31) come in perfectly. I have done everything suggested and still, No Signal. This is frustrating, to say the least. Something must be different about WXXI's signal and whatever it is, it needs to be fixed.

If you are having the same problem, please post. Maybe if enough people post, WXXI will do something, instead of saying it's our problem. It's clearly not!

Not receiving WXXI

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Certain areas have had issues receiving certain station signals. For example, Greece residents have had difficulty getting channel 8, whilst many of you know about Webster's and Irondequoit's issues with channel 21, and at times, channel 10. WXXI has listed steps to alleviate these issues under the "Reception in Webster and Irondequoit" forum at this link: If you're in a low-level terrain you will have difficulties getting some of the signals. Raising the height of your antenna, tweaking slowly its positioning, facing it toward a window in the proper direction and rescanning are all little tricks that can make a big difference. Otherwise, the Terk HDTVi and TV4 have worked wonders in the Webster and Irondequoit areas (they're around 30 dollars and available at Rowe Photo). Also of note, WXXI is transmitting at full digital power, as has been the case since 2003. If you have any questions you may call the DTV Hotline at 1-866-348-9994.

No Signal from WXXI

I posted back in January regarding the complete and total lack of a signal from WXXI. Since then I have called the hotline and have tried yet another antenna. This time I tried the Terk antenna recommended by the technician at WXXI. No dice. I fiddled with positioning of the antenna, connecting the antenna directly to my TVs antenna jack(instead of through my VCR), rescanning the channels through each attempt. Nothing. I live in the city on top of a hill. From my attic I have a direct line of sight to Pinnacle Hill and the antennae.Why do I get great signal strength from all of the other channels and nothing from WXXI. The people at Rowe told me that WXXI has the strongest signal of the local channels. Is that true and can anyone help me get a signal????

Just a quick PS: I am a current member of WXXI and, unlike others, I appreciate what WXXI does for our community (not to mention I listen to AM1370) and will remain an active member whether I get good/any reception of channel 21 or not.

No digital reception of Channel 21

I get perfect digital reception of 8, 10, 13 and 31, but NOTHING from Channel 21; just a NO PROGRAM message.
I have a converter box and new antenna. I've scanned and updated the scan, but nothing comes through. Before 6/12 I received some digital reception from 21, but now NOTHING. What's the problem here?
Webster resident

No WXXI Reception

I have set up the converter box at my mother's home in Webster.
She has a powered VHF/UHF rabbit ear type antenna on top of the TV.
There is good reception on 8, 10, 13, 31 and some other channels; but
absolutely nothing on 21. I have tried moving the antenna around without
success. It's really too bad since she does not want cable, and she does
not want an antenna on her roof. WXXI has probably one of the channels
she used to watch the most; before we got this new, 'better' system.

No digital reception

Check my blog posted on June 16th... for some infomation that may help

Edit: Link to blog post here


Something Changed

Kent - You are missing the point. Before June 12 ALL WXXI digiatl channels worked fine on all my TVs and converters (4). Nothing changed in my house, with my equipment or antennas, and now they are gone. What did WXXI change on June 12 with the already working digital channels?

I also lost WXXI digital after the switch

I'm in Webster and I was receiving WXXI digital channels just great before the 6/12 switch. After the 12th I've been unable to receive them. Nothing has changed with my setup. However -something- must be different now and I don't understand how it cannot be on the WXXI side. Something must have had an unintended side effect which is causing this problem for more than a few people.

No signal

I scanned and scanned again and repositioned and rescanned and changed dial settings and rescanned......Then I checked for advice at only to find that in spite of the fact that we know exactly how to scan for channels, many of us in many different areas (I'm in Fairport) are now unable to get a signal from wxxi. Reception for wxxi was GREAT before the switch to DTV. I get all the channels I used to get plus a few more but NOT wxxi.

Trying to figure this out

So if WXXI's digital broadcast didn't change and my setup at home didn't change, perhaps there's something else. Could the problems in Webster/Ontario be related to another broadcast signal? This sounds crazy, but Watertown has a station on channel 16. To me in Webster, their transmitter is about 180degrees from the direction of WXXI. And suppose their signal is interfering with mine in such a way that I still see OK signal strength but terrible signal quality, as my Apex converter box reports, where I think that signal strength is looking just at energy and quality is measuring how much of the digital information is coherent. And also suppose that before 12 June that the Watertown station was not on 16 so that their switchover suddenly introduced problems for people like me caught on the line between the two station's transmitters. Again, this sounds crazy and I'm still checking what I wrote above to see what's fact and what's not. But like I said in my other (anonymous) posts, something changed and a little sleuthing Sherlock Holmes style (like I used to see on PBS) should get to the bottom of this.