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Low Power Messages

This question reposted from a blog comment to this forum:

We have new TV's with digital tuners, but we have problems receiving the digital signals when it's windy, snowing, or raining (the picture will pixilate or we will get the low signal power message along with a black screen) even with antennas pointed towards the transmission towers.

We've heard that most of the TV stations are transmitting at lower power now, but that they will transmit at full power once the changeover has been made. Is this true?


Low Power Messages

An update to my original comment: We live in the eastern section of Chili, near the airport, just north of Black Creek. We have purchased three different new, highly-rated, high quality, amplified indoor antennas. We have the same problems with low signals and pixillation no matter which of our new digital TV's is using which antenna, no matter where in the house any of the TV's is placed, and no matter which direction they are pointed. The only alternative is for us to put an outdoor antenna on the roof and hook up all our TV's to it, which we cannot do. To say that we're upset by not being able to get a consistently good picture via digital is a MAJOR understatement. At the risk of sounding paranoid, we can't help but wonder if this isn't some massive scheme by the cable TV and satellite industries to get more customers...

Some Digital TV's allow you

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Some Digital TV's allow you to scan to improve signal strength, and usually this option would be accessed by hitting the menu, set-up or similar function button on your remote. WXXI recommends the Terk HDTVi (Terk TV4 is another possible option) or the Phillips PHDTV3 for indoor antennas. Terk products can be purchased at Rowe Photos (they have Greece and Mt. Hope locations), whilst should allow you to order a Phillips. Moreover, both models may be on back order. Of note, Monroe County residents should not need an amplified antenna normally; however, if you do buy amplified antennas it is strongly recommended you buy one that specifically designed to boost a digital signal. The fragility of the digital can easily lead to overload, symbolized typically by a digitized picture and choppy, halting sound, which, of course, is similar to a low signal. Should you have any more questions you can call the WXXI DTV Helpline at 1-866-348-9994.