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Hooking up your VCR/DVD with converter box.

Please note that you will only be able to record what your converter box is tuned to. Therefore, you will not be able to record one program while watching another one unless you have another converter box.

Making connections (w/one converter box)
- When hooking up, please be safe and unplug all devices from power outlet

•Your antenna will be plugged into the “Antenna IN” on your converter box with a co-axial cable (black cable that has a single little prong, size of a pin)

•With the second co-axial cable, connect from the converter box to “TV/OUT” into your VCR “Antenna IN”

•With a third co-axial cable, connect from the VCR “Antenna OUT” into your TV
o Or you may have the three colored A/V cables (red, white, and yellow) that you can use
to connect from your VCR into your TV instead of the co-ax cable.

Recording with VCR/Converter box
•Make sure VCR, TV, and Converter box are plugged into a power outlet and turned on

•Set your VCR to channel 3 (or 4) with VCR remote

•Your TV should also be on channel 3 or L1 or L2 or Video (with TV remote)
o This depends on how your TV normally works with your VCR

•Your converter box should be on whatever channel you’d like to record (remember you can’t record one channel while watching another one)

•If you’d like to set a timed recording, do as you normally would. Make sure your converter box is on and set to the desired channel and you should be all set. (Your TV & VCR do not necessarily need to be on)


PS. If you're having trouble

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PS. If you're having trouble with your hookup...check out:

That site has some diagrams that may be helpful =)