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Create and World channels

My wife and I really enjoy the additional programming of the Create and World channels. My question is, now that you are not using the 21-4 channel, can you use the extra bandwidth to increase the quality of the Create and World broadcasts [increase from the current 480i to 720p, for instance]. And, will these channels eventually be broadcast in widescreen [16:9] format? Thanks.



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WXXI broadcasts in 1080i right now. In addition to that, 480i is an analog signal, and given it sounds like you're watching the digital signal right now, the broadcast would at least have to be in 720p. All shows formatted at WXXI are formatted in 16 X 9, as of December. If letter box or pillar box is occurring, that is due to a network feed, and the hope is when the analog feed is shut off all formatting will be done in 16 X 9. If you have any questions you may call 1-866-348-9994.

We are watching on a new

We are watching on a new HDTV through Time-Warner cable. The TV itself displays the aspect ratio and resolution of the incoming signal. For WXXI-HD it indicates 1080i and 16:9, as you said. But for Create and World, it indicates 480i and 4:3. If WXXI is indeed brodcasting Create and World at a higher quality than that, then Time-Warner must be down-rezing the signal for thier cable system. Hmm...

Letter and Pillar Box

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Time Warner has been known to down-size in that nature. Some networks still broadcast their feeds in 4 X 3 as well, including PBS, which feeds WXXI Create and World. Some TV's allow you to place incoming programs in 16 X 9 by selecting the aspect ratio button on your remote (read your manual for more specifics) and/or selecting zoom to increase the size of the picture (again the control may say zoom directly on it. It depends on the model and make, so it is recommended you read your manual.). Generally the picture quality is quite good, although in HD you might see some stretching. The hope is when the analog is cut off, all networks will format exclusively in 16 X 9.

Time Warner Blocks Digital Signal with Basic Cable

You must have purchased digital cable. I purchased only basic cable from Time Warner to improve my reception on my new HDTV with built-in digital tuner and now can only receive analog signals. Time Warner told me I cannot receive OTA digital signals because I did not purchase digital cable. Translation -- they are blocking the digital signals -- I cannot even manually input them as they have some kind of two way switching system to prevent this. They have already been fined for this in other areas of NYS for this -- why is it allowed to continue. I have filed a complaint against the FCC and call the WXXI digital help line but got no replyl.

No digital cable

Actually I don't have digital cable, not even "family" basic cable, just the "broadcast" basic, and I get the all the major networks in HD, plus World and Create in SD. You might not be receiving it because they may have some out-of-date filters or cabling around your house that is not electrically able to allow the HD signal through.