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Since 12 June we have lost your signal.

We were hoping your digital transmission would be as strong or stronger than the analog signal. Apparently, this will not be the case. Too bad for your sponsors and contributors - you are too weak a transmission to have the audience your previously could claim. We are 5 miles from your transmitter and only get 25% signal strength. WK


Same Issue - Something Changed on WXXI-DT Recently

I used to get all WXXI digital channels with no problem, then suddenly around June 12 they are gone. Nothing changed on my antenna or setup. I did a rescan with no better results. WXXI must have reduced power since June 12.

Weak signal since June 12th.

I got strong signal from all the local channels except channels 21-1, 21-2, 21-3. It could be that my antenna is not pointed in the right direction. I would like to try reorienting my antenna if you could give me the location of your transmitting tower.


no wxxi OTA in webster

on june 12th all wxxi digital over the air went dead,, no change in setup, did several scans, no signals..
channel 8, 10 and 13 are much stronger, 31 is weaker and wxxi just went away..

signal strength is a big fat 0
there goes my membership