Ugly interval "music" 1370 weekday mornings

The engineers at WXXI are still injecting old, ugly interval "music" (short bursts of ugly pre-recorded noise) into its listeners' ears every morning. For awhile it got better, now it's back to the same old same old - did the interns leave to go back to school? Clearly WXXI does not care to update its presentation. It has gotten lazy and isn't putting any effort into the details of its broadcast, and management isn't paying attention. An unfortunate attitude towards its listeners.


Thank you for your comment

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Thank you for your comment about the music you hear during the morning programming. This programming (and the music bumpers) comes from NPR and is not injected by WXXI engineers. It would be extremely helpful if you would include specific days and times you hear music that you do not like. That way we can pass along constructive criticism to the producers of the BBC World Service, Morning Edition and the Diane Rehm Show.