Thistle & Shamrock Broadcasts Reduced

We who are out of the house on Saturday evenings are tremendously disappointed that Thistle & Shamrock is no longer available on Sunday afternoons. I am not particularly set on the 2 PM time slot previously used for Thistle. Many other times would do, as far as I am concerned. My contention is that once is not enough for Thistle!


Bring back Thistle & Shamrock

I am also extremely disappointed that Thistle has been replaced on Sun afternoons with a rerun of Whaddaya Know? I often work on Sunday afternoons and having Thistle playing in the background was an incentive to be in front of the computer. Like the previous commenter I am rarely at home Saturday evenings. PLEASE return it to Sunday afternoon! While we're on the subject, please broadcast BBC World News at some more reasonable hour than midnight, perhaps replacing the 2 hour re-run of the tedious Bob Smith? thanks!

Thistle and Shamrock not even aired!

So here it is Saturday night 8 PM and Thistle and Shamrock isn't even on!!!

Bad enough that you cut it to once with no rebroadcast even on WRUR, but now nothing?
When it's pledge time, don't call me and I won't call you.

Thistle & Shamrock Not Aired

I am also very disappointed that the Thistle & Shamrock was not aired. Is this a temporary situation or has it been removed permanently? Please bring it back!