Please Bring Back Salmagundy

Salmagundy was one of my favorite Saturday morning shows on FM 91.5 along with Fascinatin' Rhythm. The mix of lightheartedness, unique music, and comedic musical themes was just perfect to listen to while having coffee, reading the morning paper, or working around the house. I enjoyed Simon as the show's host but would enjoy the show almost as much if it was revived with another of your excellent hosts. Please consider bringing back Salmagundy. I know I can't be the only listener who feels this way.


re: please bring back Salmagundy

You're right, Salmagundy was a wonderful program, and we have heard from many people who miss the show. Unfortunately without Simon it's nearly impossible to re-create the show. Most of the music was from his personal collection, and the selection, themes, comedy, features and personality were all Simon's creation. We all miss him in the mornings, but wish him the very best for his retirement. Thanks for listening.

We Agree

Every Saturday morning at the 12 Corners Apothecary we used to listed to Salmagundy. It was a great way to work for 4 hours, learn about the world, and laugh, too. My boss has been religiously listening to it for 20 years, he says, and we both want it back to improve our Saturday mornings at the Apothecary. Simon was a fantastic host, but we agree with Anonymous--the program itself was fantastic as well.

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salmagundy/simon pontin

I agree w/the previous posts. Simon (and PHC/the Writer's Almanac) was an oasis of humor in the lineup, bringing an entertainment factor to the otherwise pedagogic broadcast, the host(esse)s reading the same old liner notes over and over, thinking they are enlightening the Rochester radio audience. Please find someone with some wit, intellect, and a touch of irreverence to bring me back to listening on Saturday mornings -- perhaps weekday mornings as well.

Thank you.

btw: your "CAPTCHA" security device will not accept correct answers, because it considers the correct hyphenation of numbers (ex. forty-four) incorrect ... not good for an "educational" broadcaster. deep sigh.