With Heart and Voice

One of the pleasures of being in the WXXI radio listenen audience was Richard Gladwell and With Heart and Voice. Sadly with Richard's passing the program has gone down hill to the point where we will probably stop listening. His successor is cleary a knowledgable muscian but the program has turn inward and no long provides primarily inspiring and uplifting music. Please look at this and get your listeners input. We need a change.


Heart and Voice

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Count me among those who would wish a "Requiescat in pace" to Heart and Voice. I have no criticism of the personnel involved in its production.

Needless change

I agree with other comments here. With so many years of Richard Gladwell recordings available, there is no reason to discontinue broadcasting his original series. The vast majority of listeners have never heard them all, and fans would be thrilled to have a chance to hear a favorite one repeated. Richard Gladwell made this program what it is... and that is even clearer now as this program has, sadly, fallen flat under a new host. If the Richard Gladwell programs are to be silenced for good, then we will be tuning out.

With Heart and Voice broadcasts

These fairly negative comments are dated a couple of years ago, so I have no clue as to whether the WH&V broadcast is to be shut down.
I hope NOT!

So far I've successfully listened each Sunday a.m. It's my 'church', actually!
Thanks for giving the broadcasts the station finding system. If I miss the 6 a.m., I can find a 7 a.m., etc.

One more thing: I'd love it if you'd podcast these programs.

Richard Gladwell was wonderful, but Peter DuBois (sp?) is just fine as a successor. I'm in his fan club, and he uses the music from Mr. Gladwell's collection.

Because of this program--and only because of it--I donate to WXXI, even tho' it's not in my state.

Thanks for the good work and please don't terminate.