Has WXXI turned into a "Christian" radio station

Wow do I miss Simon. The morning is ripe with masses, Christian oratorio, and this morning, a Russian Orthodox hymn. I can find "Christian Radio" elsewhere on the dial. Please bring back the humor, sense of irreverence, the lightheartedness.


After combing the morning

After combing the morning playlists for the last couple of weeks, I have found no masses, Christian oratorios, or Russian Orthodox hymns. The only Russian music this morning was a waltz by Tschaikowsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumble Bee. There are occasional choral pieces throughout the day, some religious and some secular. Perhaps you're thinking of the music you hear on "With Heart and Voice" on Sunday mornings? That 2-hour weekly program of sacred choral and organ music has been on the air, in the same format since 1975. If you can give some specifics about what you're hearing and when you hear it, that would be very helpful in addressing your question. Thanks for listening!