Abby Johnson

I write to express my extreme disappointment with the the treatment of Abby Johnson on the Connection (Sunday, October 14th, 2013, WXXI). The host did not ask the polite but probing, challenging questions I would have expected from former host, Bob Smith. It seemed like the show was little more than a platform for Johnson's agenda. It was not "an intelligent conversation." For example, there was no challenge to Johnson's description of estimates devised during Planned Parenthood's budgeting process as an "abortion 'quota'." This is very misleading; it is not informative, because the word "quota" is fraught with political meaning. This is just one example of many ways in which the host did not probe Johnson. In addition, the host continually cautioned potential callers to be polite. I understand that the show cannot deteriorate into name-calling, but given the host's utter failure to ask probing questions, the caution was chilling. I found myself feeling very glad that I had not given any $ to the station despite planning to do so during the current pledge. Now, I must recover from my disappointment before I will even consider renewing my membership with WXXI. It was a shockingly disappointing show!