Sound problem with 88.5 broadcast

The sound quality of WRUR 88.5 over-the-air broadcast has degraded recently (in the last month or two) in that there seems to be no treble content in any of the broadcasts. It sounds like AM radio. It's unfortunate because it used to have great sound quality. I hope this problem is only temporary.


I don't recall the exact

I don't recall the exact date, but if memory serves, they turned on their hd transmitter around the time of your post. Comparing the analog and hd broadcast is like night and day. While hd had a dead sient background, the overall sound quality of the analog broadcast is much better given a quality tuner when listening to wrur. Perhaps you're using an hd tuner. If so, I would suggest looking for a setting to turn off hd.

Also, they have the left and right channels flipped on the hd broadcast.