NYS Taxes

I was FURIOUS when I read in the morning newspaper that Medicaid recipients receive dental, optical, and hearing aid coverage, all on the NYS taxpayers. I also read that there are certain coverages that are required by the federal government, but these are added at the discretion of NYS. This has got to stop. I pay for my own medical coverage through retirement from the Department of Defense and do not have this kind of coverage. It must be stopped state-wide, as if it is done simply county-by-county, these Medicaid people will move to whichever county offers it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! I'm sick of paying for everyone else's medical coverage, including school employees (free in Rome, also free to retirees if they have worked at least 10 years for the district), county employees, even some part-timers (something private businesses do not offer because of the cost), and probably some state employees. Had my husband not passed away last year, I would now be paying $515 per month for a family plan, and that is after working for the federal government for 34 years. As it is now, I still pay almost $200 per month just for me alone, and that does not include hearing aids, dental insurance, and eyeglasses.


I hear ya!

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I'm with you all the way. We have been paying insurance that has been over 500 a month for years and that does not include dentist and eyeglasses as you say. Now on medicare I can get a break at last but still have to pay 277.00 a month for my husband. In a year and a half he will be on medicare with me and we pay a lot less. Essance was a good deal as we do not go to the doctors all the time( every 6 months), but want insurance for anything that should come up. Who will listen? No one. I see people on medicaid that I feel could work, but sit home playing on the computer and has animals to pay to feed. Something is wrong.