hd radio?

has anyone been having issues receiving the hd radio broadcast of 91.5? for the past week, it has been sporadic at best, if not entirely unavailable. however, the announcers continue to speak as if it is functional. i live only 2 miles from the transmitter and have seen this issue on multiple tuners.


WXXI HD is currently unavailable due to an equipment failure

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WXXI-HD Radio service has been intermittent most of the week... We have determined part of the problem and we will be working this weekend to resolve the issues. Until the issue is resolved the WXXI-FM HD radio service will be unavailable.

Kent Hatfield
Vice President, Technology & Operations

has this issue been

has this issue been corrected? it was really bad when i first posted this question and for a while afterward. it seemed as though HD was off completely last friday or over the weekend, and then came back with better audio quality on hd2. hd2 does still cut out sporadicly. at 2 miles from the towers signal strength is still not an issue. i am using a sangean hdt-1x and notice that carrier to noise ratio is at ~70 when things are working properly. when it cuts out, carrier to noise ratio is ~47db. when it comes back, cnr jumps back to ~70db. due to the design of the sangean, the tuner reselects the hd1 program source once the cnr comes back to normal ;(

ps, i wouldnt be doing hd2 if you had a high quality 96kbps mp3 stream of am1370 like you had several years ago