September 2013 programs on Exploring Music

September 2013 programs on Exploring Music

Weeknights at 7:00 p.m.

Explore the musical influences of Gypsies on the week of September 9th.

Host Bill McGlaughlin looks at musical duos, Gypsy influences, transcriptions and music for the cinema this month on Exploring Music.

Week of September 2 - Two to Tango - This week, we’ll explore the world of musical duos: two voices making music in concert and counterpoint in works by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.  We’ll also savor the great love duets of Verdi, Puccini and Wagner.

Week of September 9 - Gitana: Gypsy Music And Its Influences - As the Roma journeyed through Europe and beyond, the native music and that of these travelers combined to create an energetic and exotic confluence unlike anything else.  This week we'll sample some of this music and its antecedents.

Week of September 16 - New Wine in New Bottles - It’s a week of transcriptions.  We’ll sample the creative efforts of gifted composers who gave life and vitality to existing music by transforming it into something new.  Selections include music by Bach, Copland, Liszt and Ravel.

Week of September 23 - I Lost It At the Movies - Celebrating music of the cinema.

Week of September 30 - Piano Concertos - The piano concerto is one of the most beloved genres of the concert hall.  After all, it was the thundering virtuosity of some of the great composer/pianists that gave rise to music’s first superstars!  This week, we’ll explore their world and the great music they produced.