November 2013 programs on Exploring Music

November 2013 programs on Exploring Music

Weeknights at 7:00 p.m.



November leaves us feeling a bit unsatisfied, as Bill begins the month with Unfinished Symphonies; but he ends the month with a composer who was hailed as "the greatest organist in the world." 

Week of November 4 - Unfinished Symphonies  Schubert wasn't the only composer who passed from this earth with an incomplete symphony on his shelf.  Elgar, Mahler, Bruckner and other symphonists left fantastic but tantalizingly unfinished music that we'll explore this week.

Week of November 11 - In a Family Way  This week we’ll listen to families making music through the generations, each with their own stories and traditions to share.

Week of November 18 - Benjamin Britten  Exploring Music celebrates Benjamin Britten's 100th birthday with a week-long look at his life and music.

Week of November 25 - Camille St-Saëns  A child prodigy that was later hailed by Liszt as "the greatest organist in the world," Camille Saint-Saëns led a fascinating life filled to the brim with music.  We'll explore his life, compositions, and influence in this five-part series.