June programs on Exploring Music

June programs on Exploring Music

Weeknights at 7:00 p.m.

Four Seasons at Nomahegan Park, Cranford, NJ



Each week, host Bill McGlaughlin takes us on a musical exploration.  This month...

Week of June 4: Orpheus in the New World  With communications and travel offering cultural exchange like never before, today’s composer draws from an enormous palette, giving voice to the amazing era in which we live.  From Schwantner and Adams to
Neikrug and Beach, we'll listen to and celebrate their music.

Week of June 11:  The Four Seasons  From the boundless majesty of the summer sun in Haydn's Die Jahreszeiten to the frosty snow and shivering winds of Vivaldi's Winter, this week is dedicated to music inspired by the changing seasons.

Week of June 18:  Fit for a King We’ll explore the rich and intriguing world of the court composer.

Week of June 25:  Paul Hindemith From his birth in a town near Frankfurt through his time in Egypt, Turkey, and eventual
emigration to America, Paul Hindemith had a strong and lasting impact on music in the middle of the 20th century.  We'll sample his compositions and follow his controversial life.