December 2012 programs on Exploring Music

December 2012 programs on Exploring Music

Weeknights at 7:00 p.m.




Host Bill McGlaughlin explores compositions for the theater, the symphony, and travels from Bach to Beethoven, all this month on Exploring Music.  Plus, he'll have a special week of music for the holidays.

Week of December 3:  Incidentally Speaking For as long as art forms such as theatre, ballet, and other entertainments have graced the stage, composers have been there to enhance the dramatic action through music. This week Bill explores some of the not-so-incidental music that has resulted.

Week of December 10: The Symphony, Part I In the beginning, there were Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, or so we thought.  That is until we uncovered a whole world of instrumental music so varied, so wonderful and so woefully unknown, we decided to take out time in that glorious place.  Starting with a Sinfonia by Biaggio Marini from 1618, we slowly make out way through the seventeenth century, the eighteenth century and finish at the brink of the Romantic era with the Second Symphony by Beethoven.

Week of December 17: How Do You Get From Bach to Beethoven? Exactly 100 years separates Bach’s B Minor Mass and Beethoven’s Choral Symphony – seminal works from two distinct eras.  This week, we’ll explore how music progressed in this century, tracing inspirations in harmony, rhythm, orchestration and form.

Week of December 24: Holiday Celebration Music inspired by the season.

Week of December 31: Strings Plus One This week we'll feature small string groups with a special guest addition.