April 2013 programs on Exploring Music

April 2013 programs on Exploring Music

Weeknights at 7:00 p.m.

 Tune in for music inspired by water, the week of April 22nd.


This month, host Bill McGlaughlin explores Gabriel Fauré, Russian symphonies, the Roaring 20s, cello concertos and the inspiration of water.

Week of April 1 - Gabriel Fauré Recognized as the greatest French composer of his generation, Gabriel Fauré bridged the Romantic era and the 20th century, with a sophistication that heralded the arrival of a significant new voice.  From his art songs to the Requiem and beyond, we'll cover his life and music in this 5-part series.

Week of April 8 -  The Symphony, Part VII (Russian) Our exploration of the symphony continues with a look at Russia's contributions, from Rubinstein and Rimski through Glazunov and Gliere.

Week of April 15 - Roaring '20s In the 1920s, concert halls rocked with everything from jazz to airplane propellers, radio became a multimillion dollar industry, and art and literature flowed like bathtub gin.  This week, we’ll sample “The Roaring 20s” in New York, Paris and Berlin.

Week of April 22 - Water Music  In the 5th Century BC, water was classified as one of the four essential elements.  Over the centuries artists, poets, philosophers and composers have returned again and again to the mysteries of water for inspiration. This week, we’ll focus on Water Music with works by Vaughan Williams, Mahler, Debussy and (of course) Handel.

Week of April 29 - Cello Concertos  For many music lovers, the cello's melodic capacity and deep timbre represent the pinnacle of musical expression.  This week we'll explore some of the great works written for this instrument and the musicians that made them famous.