EOS 1447 Advocating for Disability Rights

EOS 1447 Advocating for Disability Rights

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Haben Girma is a deafblind attorney who won an award from the White House for her work on behalf of people with disabilities.

People with disabilities should be treated as anyone else.  But sometimes it is necessary to advocate for yourself, or have someone who will advocate on your behalf.  This week, Pete and Nancy meet a deaf-blind attorney who was named one of the Most Impressive Students at Harvard Law School in 2013.

Haben Girma is a deaf-blind attorney who works for Disability Rights Advocates in San Francisco, CA.  Hosts Nancy and Peter Torpey talk with her about what disability rights advocacy includes and about some of her major cases settled either through negotiation or initiating class action suits.  We’ll also learn how she got into this field and does her work.